Theme Days

The Fitness World company specializes in educational solutions through a wide variety of fun and special sports activities, for children and teenagers.

In additional, the company holds summer day camps, sports days, and personalized birthday activities.
We have chosen our activities carefully, during many years of experimenting in summer camps, schools and events that we held.

In our theme days, we create a large area, divided into a number of different activities based on your choice.
The theme days are very memorable- We have many varied and special activities.
We hold workshops in many different fields of sports, and more!

The activities are suitable for everyone, with no need for a background in sports. They are also adjusted for the participants.
The day’s schedule is created in collaboration with us.

For example, this is what your schedule might look like: (For ~120 participants)

1 2 3 4 5 6
9:00-09:30  An explanation of the activities, and dividing into groups.
 Small breakfast
09:30-10:30  Fencing  Biking  Combat Archery  Navigating  Badminton
10:45-11:45  Biking  Fencing  Badminton  Navigating  Combat Archery  Biking
12:00-13:00  Badminton  Orienteering  Fencing  Biking  Combat Archery

Pool Diving

Intended for any healthy person (between the ages 8-88), who wants to experience diving without the need for a diving course. The diving is done with an accompanying personal guide.

נוער צולל 2012


Biking is a perfect way to enjoy nature together while doing sports.
We have about a hundred and fifty top quality bikes that are available for the biking trips.


Badminton is a bat and ball game, in which the “ball” (Named a shuttlecock) is made from a small cork and some feathers. The game is played with two or four people, and the goal in it is to bat the shuttlecock over the net to the opposite side, so that it will hit the court, or so that the opposite team will not be able to pass it back.



Fencing is a dueling art and an Olympic sport. It is a noble and elegant sport that requires quick reflexes, focus and coordination. In fencing, you must make decisions quickly and pay close attention to your enemy and the situation.



Zumba is an aerobic dance fitness program which was invented by a Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez during the 90s.

The method is based on a combination of dance moves, and includes music from many cultures- Latin music, Eastern and Western, with the purpose of making fitness fun.

Chess Workshop

Chess is a two player strategic board game. It is one of the most common and complex games to exist in human history.

In the workshop we will learn the rules of the game and develop the thinking and skills needed, as well as play the game.


Combat Archery

This unique activity combines the power and excitement of paintball with the skill required for archery.

The arrows are tipped with sponges to make the experience safe and enjoyable for all ages.

The activity also includes a lot of equipment- inflatable cover, bows, face-protection masks and targets.

ארצ'רי תג פסח 2014


Lacrosse is a team sport in which players use a net to catch and pass a rubber ball in order to score goals.



Baseball is a team sport in which a fist-sized ball is thrown and hit with a bat. To score, players must run and touch small marks called “bases”, from which the name of the game is derived.



Tennis is a ball game played by two or four players. The goal of the game is to hit a hollow ball with a bat to the other side of the court. We will learn the basics of tennis and experiment with different ball control tricks.



Orienteering is a competitive sports that combines navigating with a map and a compass and running. Competitors in this sports get a map, on which several stations are marked. Participants must pass through them in a certain order in the shortest time they can manage.


Pedal Karting

Driving while pedalling. A very fun and challenging experience.



Within this activity, the group will go through a swimming exercise which includes different styles.

Each person will get a personalized exercise.


Capoeira is a martial art that is recognized by its dance-like movements. It was invented in Brazil by African-American slaves.


Mini-golf and Puzzle Games

מתחם גולףמתחם מיני גולף ומשחקי מחשבה

Dog Training

In this workshop we will learn basic dog training terms and ideas, as well as practice common commands.
אילוף כלבים

Pottery Workshop

Pottery is an art in which tools made of clay are created. We shape the material while it is wet, and put it in an oven once its fully dry.


Giant Bubbles Workshop

סדנת בועות ענק


Volleyball is a competitive team game, in which two teams play on a court divided by a net. The goal of the game is to make the ball hit the enemy’s side of the court.

Professional Archery

A bow is a weapon for shooting arrows. The elastic energy held within the bow enables shooting arrows to a very long distance. Archery, although once used for warfare and hunting, is today a popular sport.

ירי בחץ וקשת מקצועי

ODT (Outdoor Training)

Outdoor Training is a tool used to develop team work in groups. It is often used to help small companies that seem to work badly together, through the improvement of small elements of cooperation.

Sports Stacking

Imagine 12 cups that you must build a row of pyramids from… Imagine pyramids from 3, 6 and-10 cups that are built as if on their own.

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