Passover camp 2019

Passover camp 2021 is Almost Here!

We invite you to join a one-of-a-kind Passover vacation,  with an endless amount of activities and  professional English speaking guides. The day camp includes a wide variety of activities and sports – fencing, circus, trampolines, Young Engineers, science and technology, music and rhythm, directing and film, stage arts and theater, flight and space, Jeep trips, dog training, puzzle games , and much more!

The day camp adjusts and personalizes its activities for every boy and girl to accomplish the best they can, according to their needs and abilities.

Fitness World’s Passover camp 2019 is held at HaKfar HaYarok, and kids never want it to end… And so will be this year as well. The day camp fills the requirements and standards of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Fire Department.  We make sure all the kids are safe and have insurance.

In our 2019 passover camp kids enjoy an endless amount of different physical activities!

We have many different types of sports that most kids do not get to experience in their daily lives.

In addition, in the upcoming 2019 Passover camp, kids will get to participate in many different workshops: Pottery, dog training, model aircraft, robotics, science and technology, film directing and  much much more.



The passover camp 2019 vacation has many things to do; It is the longest holiday and the longest vacation aside from the summer vacation.

In Passover 2021 kids get to enjoy both worlds at once.

That’s where we come in. Fitness World’s 2019 Passover camp 2019 lets kids make the most out of the holiday vacation.

In the 2021 Passover camp 2019 we will expose kids to a huge variety of unique activities:

And much more.

We make sure to add more activities each year. In Passover 2021, we can say that the variety is truly endless.





08:30 – 13:00


08:30 – 15:00(Includes lunch)




Breakfast– Cold drinks, fresh bread with a selection of spreads and fruits.

Lunch– A warm Kosher lunch with meat. (You may order a vegetarian meal or no gluten)



The day camp has all the relevant governmental licenses:

The Ministry of Culture and Education, the Ministry of Health, licenses from the Police,  a Security Officer and a security adviser. The children in the day camp are insured by the Phoenix company, and we do everything possible to make sure that the insurance is not needed. For the Ministry of Education license, you can click here.

For more details:

Lotem: 0547773317

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