How to Choose a Camp

During the last few years the variety of day camps had increased, and unlike when we were kids, there are no more “standard” summer camps.
There exists a huge variety of day camps of different kinds: Soccer, basketball, gymnastics and many more.
Naturally, the more options there are, the more confusion there is. You must already be asking yourself how you should choose one for your child, and what should you focus on when looking for a day camp.
The summer vacation is getting closer, and as it does you get more worried about your child’s activities in the summer. In the end, every parent is looking to let his child enjoy summer and go to fun day camps, as well as learn something from them.
Summer day camps have now specialized, and kids and parents now choose their day camp according to the kid’s interest that will be a main theme in the camp. If in the past most day camps were general and included many different activities, games and more, today things are different.
Once summer day camps have gone to a specific field, they professionalized, which lets your child enrich their knowledge and their chosen interest.
Thanks to the variety of specialized day camps, you will expose your child to many things that they will not experience in daily life. You could send them to a nature day camp, surfing, computers, theater, sports, and of course quite a lot more.
So, how do we choose a day camp?
These are a few important things that you must check before signing up to any day camp:
1. Licensing and insurance
A licensed day camp had been tested and checked by the Ministry of Education, its guides had been properly trained according to the law and were checked for sex offenses. They have a security adviser who tested the camp’s area for safety, and the municipality’s Security Officer had guided those responsible for security at the camp. The camp would also have a license from the Fire Department as well as the Ministry of Health, and the camp’s managers had gone through proper training and know the new laws and guidelines from the different Ministries. The camp is also regulated and checked at random.
2. Does the day camp have first aid and security services?
3. The area in which your kid will stay. Is it shaded? Air conditioned?
Which kids are in the day camp?
4. Contents- You should check the activities and classes within the day camp. Were the guides trained for them? Does the day camp have a schedule?
5. The summer’s hot! Every year the temperature rises! It’s hot! It’s sunny!
You should find a day camp in which the exposure to the sun is minimal, and also makes sure the kids drink water and wear a hat.
6. Food
You should check the camp’s meal plan before it starts, whether you can make special requests, and if not then make your child a sandwich when they do not like the meal.
Its not an easy job, it takes a lot of responsibility and effort, but in the end once you find what you were looking for you’ll be satisfied, the kids will be satisfied, and you will have a fun, safe summer. And maybe you will not have to do it all again before the next summer 🙂
Have a fun summer !!!
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