Passover at Givat Washington

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A Passover day camp for children between kindergarten and seventh grade.
In the day camp, we expose the children to a wide variety of activities from different fields, while making sure each and every one finds their own place and have fun.
The are many activities in the camp – Sports, engineering, robotics, model aircraft and much more.
Our Passover day camp lets kids experience a fun new activity that they mostly do not get to experience in their daily life.
We have an experienced adult guide team who have a lot of experience with kids.


Start of activities- 8:30

End of activities: 15:00


The day camp has breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast – Bread, different spreads and a Tropit (Grape juice).
Lunch – A warm, Kosher meal with meat and vegetables.


(5 days)


1190 NIS
(Does not include transportation)


Optional transportation from near your home.
(Requires an additional payment)

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